Regional Issues Republic of Indonesia

October 2009

By Rob Huisman

City of Surakarta

RH750 – 1 Rupiah – 1 November 1948
Number of issued notes: unknown
Watermark: none
Stamp: partial stamp of Bank Negara Indonesia on left side of obverse; the missing part of the stamp
was applied to the allonge for possible later authentication purpose
Perforation on left side and one thick red line representing “1”
Signatures: Sjamsoeridjal (Wali Kota: Mayor of Solo), Soediro (Residen: Resident of Solo)
a. issued, serial number: 2 characters, 6 numbers *(e.g., R.F. 462270)
b. not issued, with allonge, 2 characters, 6 numbers * (e.g., N.I. 293102
* The first character of the serial number has a fixed relation with the first number of the serial number
(H=1, K=5, N=2, R=4)

RH750a – from a private collection


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